What We Do?

We provide you with everything needed to create a powerful Esports website or app.

Do you need live score, schedules, live odds, results, statistics…?

We have a dedicated team working 24 hours a day to ensure accurate data is collected, so you don’t have too.

With our live esports feeds, your audience can enjoy real-time, reliable esports scores wherever they are. All this information is provided in an easy-to-use format. Our data can easily be used alone, or mixed with other data.

If we can take care of collecting the relevant data, this allows you to focus on other important aspects of running your company. We work hard to have the best Esports Data and delivering it to you in the best possible way.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

How We Work!

1. The schedule

Our team works hard, days and night to gather information. They are in contact with organisers, teams, managers... All the official schedules are checked by our teams and entered into our system to ensure the data is accurate, live and reliable.
2. Live Scores

We have developed high end technologies that follows all the streams at the same time. Coupled with all other data collected by our team.
3. Official Results

There is nothing more important to a fan than RESULTS. The official results are double checked, that you can trust. Ensure your visitor stays longer by allowing them to checkout all results for games such as LOL, CS:GO, Dota...


Delivering the data to you

1. Web API

Data are delivered in json through a robust REST api. This can be accessed using any programming language.

If you need help setting it up we will be happy to assist you.
2. Live Api

Live data are delivered through modern and secure websockets.

As soon as something happened, your system will know about it!


By developers, For developers

It simply works

Easy to understand, easy to maintained. Our API is made to be easily integrated with any new or existing project.

If you need a helping hand, our developers are always available to assist you.
Register now and get your demo Api Key straight away

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