Welcome to our brand-new, renewed website!

mjunior - 1st February 2022

The Esports Data Provider team have been hard at work in order to prepare for 2022. Not only our API got some massive new updates, which you can hear more about here [insert link], but we also decided to give our website a fresh coat of paint. We’re dedicated to providing the best service to our clients, so it’s only fair that our presentation gets an overhaul too!

However, our changes won’t be limited to our frontpage design only. We are also implementing some key changes that will make our website much more interesting for our clients and users, as well as the common user interested in our platform. Below, we’re going to discuss some key points of this rework, so you can get an idea of what to expect from our page from now on.

Beautifully simplified

First impressions are very important, and when it comes to our website, not only we wanted to have it looking good, but we want to leave a strong first-impression. With that in mind, we had two major tasks when reworking it. The first involved making it beautiful and modern. We wanted a website that would allow every client with ours, no matter how proficient they are with the web, to make full use of it without having any doubts. It wasn’t easy, but our design team managed to surprise us again.

Now, as for our second target, we want our website to be responsive. Very responsive. For that reason, our front-end developers worked closely with the designers in order to make something that not only would work well but would fit perfectly in a variety of devices. Whether you’re on your desktop with Google Chrome, in your MacBook with Safari, or in your laptop with Firefox, our website will just run perfectly.

Keeping a vigilant eye on our services

While we’re proud of our support team, we understand that at times, it’s important to have an automatized system that will show you just what you need, as quickly as possible. Case in point, you might want to check the status of our diverse services. After all, there’s nothing worse to not know what’s causing a determined service in your community to fail.

For that reason, we revamped our status page, and now you will be able to check the status of our services at any time without contacting us at all. By just heading to our status page, you will be able to immediately see if there’s an issue in our end, and what specific service is being affected at the time.

Simplified documentation, now more accessible than ever

For us, there’s nothing more important than making sure that you, or your development team, has full knowledge of how to use our systems. Now, we’re proud of how easy-to-implement and use our API have become over the years, but it never hurts to have documentation readily available, right? With that in mind, we also did a thoroughly clean up in our documentation so developers can get what they want without wasting any time.

Yet, providing just our documentation wasn’t enough for us. Instead, we want to make it accessible in all meanings of the word. If you need to check the documentation from your mobile phone, then just head to the documentation page on our website! If your develops aren’t available at a determined moment, or if you are just beginning to develop your own websites, then don’t worry either, because our documentation is thoroughly commented and you will be able to fully use your API by following our handy descriptions available on the website.

Simplified login

If you want to work with us, then we want to be sure that the entire process is as trouble-free as possible. For that reason, our team has also taken a hard look at how our client interface works and did a complete rework in order to simplify and make our product more accessible. Plus, our design team has also been hard at work. Everything, from our landing page to our internal systems are now looking incredibly clean!

Ready for mobile

Lastly, but not least, we have also made improvements to the mobile version of Esports Data Provider. Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more common for users, including our clients, to access and visit websites through their mobile phone. For that reason, we’ve also prepared some much-needed overhauls for our mobile interface.

For us, it’s important that our clients can be in touch with us at any time, no matter if they’re on a desktop or in their phones. So, updating our mobile website was just a natural step in our development curve. Consequently, our team went a step above when making the updates. Whether you want to check our blog, or access your account, you will have no issue doing so through your phone. We made sure of it.

However, we’re completely open to feedback. If the site isn’t as slick as it should on your phone, please get in contact with us, and we’ll get right into it.

The first update of many yet to come!

We have some incredible plans for Esports Data Provider. From constantly improving our product to how our clients interact with it, we will be working steadily in order to keep improving each division of EDP.