How Esports Data Provider has been reworked ahead of 2022

mjunior - 15th January 2022

2022 is promising to be one of the biggest years for the esports industry, and it’s on the way to break records across various disciplines of the scene. With the industry evolving so quickly, new organizations and sponsors coming in and old ones finding new fans at an impressive pace, it’s easy for any product in the industry to find itself outdated compared to the rest. This, however, won’t be the case for Esports Data Provider, as we’re breaking through 2022 with plenty of updates for our product.

Now, while we are always updating our API in order to always offer the best service, our team were hard at work for some months now. Why? Because we wanted to debut a set of new upgrades to kick off this new year with the right foot. These upgrades have already been deployed, and our clients are already enjoying a much-improved API.

Nonetheless, we decided to highlight a few of these updates here. We want our clients to know what’s happening under-the-curtains at all times and have an idea of what they can expect out of our product. So, here’s what we have overhauled ahead of the 2022 season in the esports industry.


During the pandemic, more and more users started relying on services like ours to be informed about the latest results in their favorite esports titles. Now, while the online era is coming to an end, the fact that many still relies on apps to get the latest results as soon as possible haven’t changed, though. For that reason, one of the key areas we wanted to improve ahead of 2022 was our service’s overall speed. Your community deserve to get a reliable and quick service so the discussion can keep going, after all.

For that reason, besides just updating our API, we have also done some massive overhauls in our server structure. With those improvements, you can be sure that results will be updated in real-time, and you will be able to get results out as soon as matches end. You won’t need to worry about delays, or late results, because our API will be always on top of it.

Now, as you might’ve noticed, we also mentioned some improvements related to our API itself. While we’re going to get into more details shortly, our API has been optimized in order to allow for it to quickly handle results coming from various tournaments from different titles at the same time. No need to worry about events in different games running at the same time, because Esports Data Provider got your back.

You can never have enough stability

Improving our API’s speed is important, but having a service in which our clients can rely on at any time is even more important for us. After all, your community will be counting on us to deliver results as soon as possible, and there’s nothing worse than the possibility of something going wrong right when an anticipated grand final is going on, right?

For that reason, our development team took extra care to not only make our code fast, but also be more stable. Besides standard measures such as backup services in which our API can fall back on, improving the overall product dependability is essential. 2022 will see even more esports tournaments than the past years. So, for us, making sure you don’t have to worry about our uptime was key as we prepared for this year.

Some much-needed under-the-hood updates

While our clients are already enjoying more speed and stability, during the new year we have also made several changes in our API that might not be as noticeable. From cleaning our API’s code to preparing the grounds for new games to be supported, Esports Data Provider is now a far more dynamic product. As for our developers, it’s easier to work on it, and it allows us to deploy internal updates much quicker than before.

Again, you might not feel it on your day-to-day usage of our API, but these changes will be essential for us. These will allow the product to keep evolving across the coming months and years. Furthermore, this also means that we are ready to take on your feedback! Have some suggestion for us? Them make sure to contact our team, because we’re eager to hear it.

Implementation made easier

One of the features of our API that we’re most proud of, certainly is how easy we made to implement it. Independent of which software your website is running, bringing Esports Data Provider to your community has always been incredibly easy and accessible. In fact, you don’t need a team of developers to integrate our systems into your product. With some basic knowledge and our own guidance, you were able to get everything working without any trouble.

However, if there’s room to improve, we want to do it. For that reason, not only we have prepared our developers to offer full assistance to your team, but we’ve also worked with various popular platforms such as WordPress in order to guarantee a standard implementation method that is incredibly quick. As soon as you sign up with us, you will already be ready to take the first steps to implement our API in your website.

To the future and beyond!

Esports is an ever-evolving industry, and as we commented above, it’s easy to be outpaced by it. For that reason, when our development team started reworking our API for 2022, one of their objectives was to make the API more flexible, so more esports titles could be added as we saw fit, without needing half the work as we’d need in the past.

Right now, our API is ready to welcome other premier esports games as they come, and our team will have an easier time bringing support to these titles. Moreover, the implementation will be seamless for our clients. This means that your community will be able to welcome more games as soon as our API is ready.

Talking about seamlessly deployed updates, one of the main features of our updates is to allow our developers to improve our product without you having to go out of your way. This means that we will be doing the work, and you will just see the benefits, without any downtime or work being done from your side. It doesn’t get better than this!

Improved support

As esports grows, we also expect Esports Data Provider to see a massive growth in 2022. For that reason, not only we’re expanding our support team, but we also want to make easy for our clients’ suggestion, feedbacks and support tickets to be addressed as quickly as possible. Not only our team is going to have an easier time deploying changes, but our support staff will also have quicker ways to aid when needed.

We managed to improve our support service internally, but these will also impact how we work with you directly, too. When requesting support, you will be able to get in touch us through our Discord channel. We figured that our clients are comfortable using Discord, so it just made sense for us to bring our team to the network. So, join our channel, and if you need help, our support will direct the best-suited developer for your case, and soon enough, he will be in touch with you and address your queries.

More to come!

This is just the beginning for Esports Data Provider in 2022, though! Make sure to check our news page as we will always keep you updated through here!