Coronavirus & League of Legends

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After a massive wave of cancelation, the coronavirus expansion continues causing problems to the esports scene.

The Covid19 started in Wuhan, China. China is the biggest esport region in the world. Like any other sporting event around the world, esports has also been impacted.

In this article,  we will focus on changes to the  esport scene starting with League of Legends: 

The Chinese League: LPL has been the first to be impacted just a week after the beginning of the 2020 season, with the Pro League  suspended altogether. 

However, they found a way to come backhowever, with special conditions in place:

Firstly the games will now be played online away from the very devoted Chinese fans. The teams will be playing from their own gaming house except for those in the quarantine zone.

LPL is taking serious precautions and has decided to keep going until it’s safe to return to any esport venue.

Also before resuming any gaming activity, all the players need to be checked over by medics during the 14 day quarantine period.

The two time World Champion League has a giant esports ecosystem including partnerships with respectable names such as NIKE. 

The situation is very uncertain but according to the Esports observer there is hope and  events in less-affected regions should resume soon.

The delay and the spread of the virus are likely to be an issue for the other major regions like Europe. 

Riot Rescheduling Events

Riot has decided to cancel the Budapest spring finals and has moved it to Berlin LEC studio.

The summer split will start earlier in May between 15th and 22nd to deal with the new MSI dates.

Riot already announced that the international circuit will change with the cancellation of the 

Rift rivals and the report of the MSI at the beginning of July in a location to be determined.

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