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Esports Data Providers’ 8 Picks

5th April 2020

Esport Data Provider offers 8 games: Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Overwatch, Rocket League, Rainbow 6, FIFA and Fortnite We selected these games because they are the most popular titles worldwide with infinite skill-cap and have a strong esport scene following.  League of Legend Studio: Riot Games Released: 27th October 2009 […]

Valentine Kaltenbach
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Coronavirus & League of Legends

12th February 2020

After a massive wave of cancelation, the coronavirus expansion continues causing problems to the esports scene. The Covid19 started in Wuhan, China. China is the biggest esport region in the world. Like any other sporting event around the world, esports has also been impacted. In this article,  we will focus on changes to the  esport […]

Valentine Kaltenbach
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Live Streams Available for all Games

23rd April 2018

Hi Guys, Some great news. We’ve just added another feature to our packages. You can now get live streams for all tournaments. Excellent feature to add to your website. Whether you’re a businesses or individuals, having the live streaming feature on your website gives you the opportunity to reach and interact with your members across […]

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The New Website is online!

16th April 2018

Hello everyone, The site is live now. You can now get your Free trial directly from this page and related documentation. Just register and you’ll get your demo access. You should also know that we can adapt our services in accordance to your needs. Feel free to browse the site and if you have any […]

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API Support is now on Github

14th April 2018

Hey esports developers, Looking for answers? We will now do all the support on github. This way everyone can participate. If you need answers to a particular question in regards to our service, the chances are that someone has already asked it. Collaborate and track any development queries here. Please feel free to make request to […]

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Server upgrade

14th April 2018

Hey guys, Great news! We just upgraded all our servers to ensure you continue experiencing really fast response times. You have nothing to do! It’s all automatic. The change have already happened, with no downtime. All the APIs are running as usual. Your websites and app users will enjoy even faster, reliable data. We are […]

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